Hypnosis and Gender Equality

NRGCult | Wednesday, 6 May 2020 |

"The dogs thought I was literally their dad. Even though I looked like a bear. They were like 'Here’s the big guy with the meat'."

Photo by Matteo Maretto on Unsplash

Post by Jack Smart
Source: NRGCult

On Monday, I was hypnotised by Faye Penwright with a potato on a string, and instructed to guard her dog kennel by squeezing inside it and pretending to be a bear. My exact brief was to roar and growl at anyone who approached the kennel, and if this did not prompt them to retreat, I would jump out of the kennel in a bear costume and enact a citizen’s arrest.

The kennel smelled of dog food, was very confined in space, and was not the sort of place where a grown man would want to spend an afternoon in a bear costume.

How to Stop "Not All Men" Arguments

NRGCult | Saturday, 2 May 2020 |

"Everyone has feelings. No one wants to be accused of shit they didn't do, and everyone reacts the same way when it happens...

"Not all [my demographic]!".

Even if they don't say it, they think it, whether they're man, woman, non-binary, trans, cis, gay, bi, straight or sexually attracted to elongated balloons. And if it's been implied that they are the problem when they, personally, are not, they're going to be antagonised. That is creating a problem. Not solving one.

So rather than having to follow up every statement with...

"It should have been obvious that I meant some, and not all."

...can we all just start fucking addressing our complaints to the actual people who did something wrong, and not their entire demographic?

Because if people are coming at you shouting "Don't blame me for this", it was NOT obvious that you meant some, and not all.

Thank you."

Facepalm City: “Racist Against White People”

NRGCult | Thursday, 30 April 2020 |

"Actually I think you’re just being lookist against attractive people there."

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Post by Praxischa
Source: NRGCult

Have you noticed that wherever there are complaints about “racism against white people”, there’s a glaring lack of complaints about racism against anyone else? You might find a few complaints about “sexism against men” close by, but sexism against women? Once again, nope. So what do these complaints really say about the people who make them? And before we even get that far, is there any such thing as “racism against white people”?…

Police Now Aggressively Monitoring Confession Cams

NRGCult | Friday, 24 April 2020 |

"One had to be placed on a restraining order and the other died of masturbation. I don't think anyone needs a citation."

Faye Penwright on Confession Cams
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Post by Shandi Beever
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Please let me issue the following warning for anyone intending to use Confession Cams.

To say that this completely free service has had a spectacularly successful launch would be the understatement of the decade. We know you guys really love the idea and we're already taking major steps to build on the early momentum.

However, we have rapidly been losing members, as a range of Police constabularies have begun listening in to the confessions and then going round to callers' homes at 4:30 am and arresting everyone who has admitted to a criminal offence. So allow me to advise on the concept behind Confession Cams.

Confession Cams

NRGCult | Wednesday, 22 April 2020 |

"He is the kind of guy who would not only enjoy putting his underpants in the fridge, but also taking them out and wearing them again once they are frozen."

Jemma Saxilby
Image of Jemma Saxilby by Gillian Ford

Source: NRGCult

Come unto me all ye who hath sinned”… “I will lift thy load”… “Heal in my bosom”… “Touch my probity”… It might sound enticing to users of conventional flirt and sex cam services, but don’t be fooled. This is the new language of Jemma Saxilby’s anti-permissive drive. Yes, the self-exalted harbinger of mass sexual abstinence is once again gunning for our sexy flirt cam service – this time with her own rival offering, called Confession Cams.

Webcam Chat Service to Feature ‘Amateur Men’

NRGCult | Saturday, 18 April 2020 |

"People like Sultra and Tantra Knight have trained their babylons to make money. They have expert babylons."

Yvonne Grant NRGCams
Screen shot of Goddess Yvonne Grant from NRGCams

Post by Astrid Clark
Source: NRGCult

Sex sells. But I don’t think some people realise how much it sells. So for reference, here’s a short story…

I did some freelance accounting for a local criminal gang. I’m not officially legally allowed to trade as an accountant as such, but they’re not officially legally allowed to steal cars and sell them on Gumtree as such, so… Anyway, when I was adding up their weekly takings, I noticed that my babylons typically make more money in a single night on NRGCams than the entire gang makes in a full week.

Rejection Rage – How it Works & How to Prevent it

NRGCult | Monday, 13 April 2020 |

"I am interested in your grandmother but the police will pin me to the floor and taser me in the wanger if i enter an OAP lockdown zone..."

Image of Sultra Knight by Eddie Terribles at NRGCult

Post by Praxischa
Source: NRGCult

None of us like being rejected. But there’s one place where rejection is taken to heart a little more than it is elsewhere, and that’s the land of love. Or, to give it its modern title, the land of…

“I currently have a boner and you’re the seventy-fifth bird I’ve found myself hopelessly attracted to on social media within the past half hour. Can we do rudes on Skype, like now, cuz, you know, lockdown and shit? BTW I’m a nice guy…”

Let’s face it, the answer is not going to be “yes”, is it? But how do you say “no” without getting on the end of that very sudden mood swing?…