Witches' Choice: Best DIY Ethical Love Spell For Attracting a Man

NRGCult | Thursday, 29 November 2018 |

"I am going to take a bottle of cinnamon oil from my bag and vigorously anoint my bosom. I am not doing this for attention."

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Sultra touched on the ethics of love spells previously, noting that ethical reasons are routinely cited by witches who are unable to work a given spell. But whilst ethics are commonly used as an excuse for declining a magickal challenge, they're also a very serious consideration for any genuine witch.

One of the greatest ethical issues with love spells is that of preparing the person who is going to fall in love. Few witches pay real attention to this matter, and it's one of the top reasons why spells go wrong.

Imagine being broadly oblivious to someone, and then suddenly, out of the blue, falling madly in love with them. You've never had a hint that the person loves you, or been particularly interested in them. But within moments, you suddenly love them, want to marry them, have children with them...

This kind of shock can actually be dangerous, and it's totally unfair to let the Universe spring such a drastic surprise on an unsuspecting guy. That's why I'm unveiling a special love spell which will not only facilitate love, but also provide forewarning to the gentleman, so that he may remain calm at the moment when he is struck by the immense power of love. This is the spell that the wiccan community has gone to great lengths to keep secret. It could put commercial witches out of work...


This spell MUST be cast in the presence of the man you're intending to attract. It's a DIY (Do It Yourself) spell, which means you won't require the service of a witch. The spell takes just four minutes to cast. Ideal places for casting the spell include pubs, clubs, bars, and home social gatherings such as parties. Here's what you'll need...

  • Concentrated cinnamon oil.
  • A smartphone with voice-activated search.
  • A low-cut top or dress.
  • An introductory monologue.
  • An available man. Never perform this spell on an unavailable man, as such an action would be unethical. Also, his partner may initiate a chain of events which results in you being examined by force.


Enter the room, corner the man of your dreams, and recite your introductory prologue to him. Here is your intro template...

"Hello. The next four minutes will change the course of your life. You will soon feel differently about me. Do not be alarmed. I am going to take a bottle of cinnamon oil from my bag and vigorously anoint my bosom. There is a ritualistic reason behind this, and I am not doing it for attention. I do not intend for my breasts to fall out, but since I am not well rehearsed in doing this it is possible that they will. Your mind is currently fogged, but I am about to render it clear. Do not attempt to say anything until your mental mist has dispersed, and you understand, for the first time, where you are going."

Now start to visualise your engagement. Imagination alone will not be sufficiently strong. You need to see the actual ring. Take your phone and say...

"Okay Google, show me engagement rings."

Angle the screen towards your gentleman, and ask him to point to a ring he can afford. He may be silent for a short period of time, as he acclimatises to the gravity of the situation. Pour the oil onto your chest and aggressively massage it in, but do not pressure your man for an immediate response. He is confused, and still not yet in love with you, and probably afraid that you are going to kill his pets. But he is more ready for what is to come, and that's important. It is time for your verbal incantation...

"O Universe, let what is right befall us. Let our paths become one. Let our hot passions escape, and unite."

It is good for your hot passions to escape, but not your breasts, so please continue to exercise care as you anoint your bosom.

Begin a success chant of your choice, but do not chant it too loudly as you will be committing a public order offence and may be detained by the police.

Take off your shoes, and ask your man to take off his shoes. He will think this is part of your quaint ritual, but in truth it is to stop him running away when you start to blow on his neck.

One of the most important elements of casting a spell face to face with your desired man, is that you can combine the magick of the Universe with classic seduction. You must maintain your chant whilst seducing, but women are great at multitasking, so there is nothing to fear. Try to punctuate every two chants with one blow on your man's neck, and do not neglect your bosom as you intensify this process.

You may, by this time, have an audience, which should help add power to your spell. You may want to ask the audience to join in with your chant, or clap along in time with it.

Your man is now in an unusual place psychologically, but he is prepared for anything. Say to him...

"This ritual can end right now if you will do me the courtesy of selecting our engagement ring."

Show him your phone screen once more. If you've worked the spell correctly, he will point to a ring. Congratulations. You are now engaged to the gentleman of your dreams.

Ed Case
Cult Member

Shandi Beever does this in the pub with a range of men literally every Saturday night. She is not, as far as I am aware, engaged.

Victoria Druggs
Spellcraft Sister

These techniques have to be tested and honed. Spellcraft Sister Shandi is obviously using a nullifying order to ensure that the spell does not culminate in actual engagement.

Ed Case
Cult Member

She needs to incorporate another nullifying order to ensure that the spell does not culminate in being ejected from the pub.